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Fighting Indoor Air Pollution in Glendale

If you haven’t taken notice of your indoor air pollution in Glendale yet, chances are that the health of your family is at risk because of the dangerous particles and gases present in your indoor air. Indoor air pollution can occur from a number of sources, including cooking, heating and cooling appliances, paint, certain kinds of furniture, old carpets, asbestos insulation, and your attic. With so many potential pollution sources in your house, you need to take measures to cut the indoor air pollution in Glendale.
Precautionary Methods of Preventing Indoor Air Pollution in Glendale

One of the most important and simplest things you can do to keep the indoor air pollution in Glendale to a minimum is to improve the ventilation in your house. Install high-quality exhaust fans wherever you cook. Try to keep barbecuing and grilling activities outside the house, or at least in the highly ventilated areas of the house. Keep your heating and cooling appliances that run on fuel in excellent shape with timely servicing and maintenance, and always refrain from smoking inside the house. If there is asbestos in the insulation, have it removed professionally as soon as possible because it also is a major hazard.

You can have an indoor air quality test performed to find out how dangerous the air pollution in your household is. This test will also help you determine which pollutants are causing you the most harm and how you can get rid of them.

Air Cleaners to Treat Indoor Air Pollution in Glendale

If the indoor air pollution persists even after you have adopted the classic prevention methods, there’s always the option of installing air cleaners in your home. There is a variety of air cleaners and filters available today that are targeted at specific groups of pollutants so that you can choose one that is most suitable for your purpose. Indoor air pollutants are primarily classified into particles or gases, and there are specific filters for each type. Mechanical air filters help capture all particles and release unpolluted air. Gas-phase air cleaners on the other hand use specialized reactions to make the gas molecules ineffective and harmless. The results of the indoor air quality test can help you choose the right air cleaner and protect your home from indoor air pollution in Glendale.
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