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Dryer Vent Cleaning in Glendale

As time goes on, we use the dryer but we forget its maintenance. We especially forget that there is a need to maintain the dryer vent that leads from the dryer and carries the humid air to the outside of the building. Cleaning the dryer vent is one of the most crucial tasks of dryer maintenance and it should in no way be ignored. You may notice many signs that indicate the dryer is not performing optimally. Evergreen Air Duct Cleaning of Glendale has seen many instances where the homeowner has totally forgotten about this aspect of maintenance, which resulted in damage to the alliance  and less frequently, fires starting in their dryer.

If your dryer vent has not been cleaned for the last couple of years, Evergreen Air Duct Cleaning recommends that it be cleaned soon. You can call them during office hours to schedule a dryer vent cleaning.

How Do you Know the Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning?

You need to pay close attention to the equipment you have in your home. The dryer is one of the most important appliances in your house and is very helpful in carrying out your daily chores. Therefore, you should take note of these symptoms as highlighted by Evergreen Air Duct Cleaning of Glendale. One or more of these issues could indicate that there is something is wrong with your dryer vent.

Look out for things like:
·         Time required for waiting for your clothes to dry exceeds more than the normal cycle length
·         Moldy smell from your clothes after the cycle
·         Lint screen with no visible lint on it
·         Top of the dryer is very hot to the touch
·         The smell of something burning in the laundry room

If you notice any of the above, be sure to contact Evergreen Air Duct Cleaning of Glendale, your dryer vent cleaning experts. Do not worry about the cost because a cleaning now will save you from future hazards.

Danger of Not Cleaning Dryer Vents

If your dryer vent is not cleaned, it can cause fires. Don't be alarmed, you can prevent this by calling Evergreen Air Duct Cleaning to clean your dryer vents. It is not only necessary for homes but also commercial laundries, hotels, residential homes, hair salons, etc. Anytime of the day or of the year is suitable for dryer vent cleaning but please, do not wait on the problem to arise before contacting Evergreen Air Duct Cleaning.
Protect your assets, prevent fires and save on your energy bills by scheduling with the experts at Evergreen Air Duct Cleaning of Glendale.